Saturday, February 16, 2019

Final Days of Ignite Ivy Prayer Calls until Feb 28

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
For REVIVAL FIRE on College Campuses,
Throughout Our Nation and Beyond! 
Daily Until Friday, February 28
12-1 pm Eastern, 11 am-12 pm Central, 10-11 am Mountain,
9-10 am Pacific, 8-9 pm Alaska, 7-8 am Hawaii
Call: 605-475-4797  Code: 336718#  Mute: *6
In Advance of/During/Beyond Ignite Ivy 2019

Updated, Monday, February 25, 2018

Thank you for interceding together for Ignite Ivy 2019 Conference in Boston!!!  Let us continue to pray for Ivy League Schools and campuses across America for a coast-to-coast revival fire in our cities and beyond.  Please read Ignite Ivy Prayer Calls (IIPC) schedule for final days  and detailed info below:

Monday, February 25, 12-1 pm Eastern
Authentic Biblical Discipleship on Campuses Across America
Facilitator: Janet Dibble

Tuesday, February 26, 12-1 pm Eastern
John 17 Unity Among Campus Ministries
Facilitator: Maryal Boumann

Wednesday, February 27, 12-1 pm Eastern
Preparation for Collegiate Day of Prayer, Feb 28,
Last Thursday in February,
Facilitator: Dai Sup Han

Thursday, February 28, 12-1 pm Eastern
Annual Collegiate Day of Prayer Across America,
Last Thursday in February,
Facilitators: Jerry and Judy Ball, Dai Sup Han

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Are you desperate for the next Great Awakening across America?  Are you ready for another Jesus Movement to sweep through you city and state?  Do you believe that Father Heart of God is for the students of Ivy League Schools and college campuses in (or near) your local community?  You are most encouraged to participate in IGNITE IVY PRAYER CALLS (IIPC)January 28-February 28, Noon Hour Eastern, connecting with fellow intercessors across America!

We will engage in prevailing intercession for:
  • Ignite Ivy: Calling Our Campuses Back to Christ gatherings in Boston, February 14-16,
  • Students and other participants of Ignite Ivy, Ignite Ivy Conveners Jerry and Judy Ball and the servant leaders ministering during Ignite Ivy.
  • Ivy League Schools and college campuses across America.
  • Collegiate Day of Prayer, February 28,
  • And most of all... Revival fire to fall upon college campuses, cities, states, and our nation for a such as time as this!
What to expect during each hour of IIPC:
  • Welcome; Prayers of thanksgiving/praise (10 min)
  • Sharing from guest speaker/facilitator (10 min)
  • Intercession focused on daily topic(s) related to Ignite Ivy (20 min)
  • Intercession focused on colleges represented by connected intercessors (15 min)
  • Closing comment and prayer offered by Facilitator (5 min)
  • Optional "overtime" sharing/praying (up to 15 min)

What is Ignite Ivy?

AWAKENED: TRANSFORMATIONAL ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD - Ignite Ivy is more than a conference. Ignite Ivy is about encountering God. When we take the time to shift our attention to Jesus, He transforms us.  You will experience dedicated times of worship and prayer as we encounter the Lord together. We believe that it's not by man's might, nor power alone but by His Spirit that we will walk like Jesus. Be Awakened to life-changing relationship with the Father.

UNITED: FAMILY CONNECTED ACROSS AGES, DENOMINATIONS AND CAMPUSES - Ignite Ivy is more than a one-time event. Ignite Ivy is a family. You will meet like-minded believers at other campuses and be connected with a wealth of brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in the Lord who want to stand with you, pray with you and walk with you into the purposes of God. Be united with like-minded, counter-cultural people who want walk in the light of Christ.

COMMISSIONED: EMPOWERMENT TO FULFILL DESTINY AND EXPAND GOD'S KINGDOM - Ignite Ivy is about the nations of the earth. God sends many world changers to these campuses. The family and experience of Ignite Ivy is about empowering you to fulfill the destiny the Lord has for you in finding your place in His grand purposes of the redemption and liberation of all creation. Be commissioned back to your spheres of influence in the power of the Spirit.

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Final Days of Ignite Ivy Prayer Calls until Feb 28

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ IGNITE IVY  PRAYER CALLS  ACROSS AMERICA For   REVIVAL FIRE on College Campuses, Throughout...